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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Going to the cinema wouldn’t be so painful if other people didn’t insist on going at exactly the same time to watch exactly the same movie.

You pay a $20 for a ticket and an extra $18 for stale popcorn and a house-wine, only to endure two hours of packet rustling and coughing fits.

You take your jacket off, put it back on, then take it off again to get comfortable with the irregular heating and then some idiot decides they can’t wait another 30 minutes to go to the loo and stumbles past you treading on your feet as you twist your body to a 90- degree angle.

Yes, I’m talking about some of those large commercial cinemas.

If you prefer to experience the magic of film in a good old fashion setting, try out the art house theatre, The Astor.

The Astor has all the charm and personality of an old cinema and you won’t find teenagers texting, giggling and fake shushing. No, no – these are grown-ups. Here there is no need for ushers because there is nothing to be ushed! It’s a bunch of serious film-goers watching anything from cult classics to blockbusters.

The only downside is the rigid seats, so take a cushion, it's worth it.

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