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6 tips to create a successful e-commerce website

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It's so much easier nowadays to set up an online store. But that doesn’t mean the revenue will immediately start pouring in as soon as you set one up.

Think of your e-commerce site like a physical shop. You need to engage your customers and make them happy being there.

Here are some easy tips to ensure  that once your customers visit your site- they stay there:

Strong product categorisation

Categories are there to help consumers find the products they are looking for, so keep them as simple as possible and provide easy navigation.

High-quality product images

Your potential customers need to see clearly what they are buying. High-quality images will increase customer trust.

Compelling copy

Writing persuasive copy is important for every page of your website, but totally essential on your product pages. Product pages are the final touch point before the user decides to make a purchase or leave you. Highlight product USPs and show how the product will make your customers life so much better.

A prominent ‘add to cart’ button

The main function of your e-commerce site is to get customers to buy your products, so an ‘add to cart’ button that stands out is essential. Perhaps use a contrasting colour, but make sure it’s obvious. You want them to purchase, so the checkout process needs to be clear and simple.

Ratings and testimonials.

Unless you have an established brand, it can be a leap of faith for a customer to purchase from a new online shop. Will the product match the description? Will the delivery be secure?

Reading about past customers experiences can help make new customers feel comfortable enough to click the buy button. Even negative reviews can build trust if you respond with empathy and offer a solution to their problems.

It’s a good idea to encourage customers to leave reviews or testimonials. Ask for a review in your follow up emails and even offer a discount on future products in exchange for reviews.

Related products

If a visitor is interested in one of your products, there’s a high probability they’ll be interested in other products too. Including a ‘related products’ section on your product page gives you the opportunity to upsell associated items.

Remember, your customers are not robots. They are smart and want you to take them on an emotional journey that is engaging and uncomplicated.

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