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Updated: May 30, 2019


Exeter is an idyllic small country town outside of Sydney and this is what shaped me- I learnt a strong work ethic from my tough and loving family.

My confidence boomed when at 17 years old I went to Europe and build my first handmade mud-brick property.

Returning home, I was inspired to work on our families own handmade home.

My crazy and self-assured passion started to clash with my Mothers, to the extent she thought I needed some professional help. This led to me being admitted by a Psychiatrist to a mental institution for a week’s assessment.

I was to remain at the institution for 6 long months. During this harrowing period, I had numerous escapes and recaptures.

One particular escape gave me a chance meeting with a criminal and in desperation to have funds to get away, I assisted him robbing a jewelry store.

I was captured and eventually sent to prison. Here I was lucky enough to discover an inspiring book by Dr Thomas Szasz that helped keep my mind and body strong.

The book kick-started me into being creative again and I  started making beautiful objects from second-hand materials. My work got noticed and at the end of my sentence, I was given the opportunity to complete an Arts post-graduate degree.

Now happily married and with 5 shops around Melbourne, I am fortunate enough to keep following my passion for creating.

With continuous hard work and ingenuity, my creations include picture frames through to small portable wooden buildings.

Through my extraordinary journey, my truth is to keep pursuing what is good and create objects that bring beauty into the word and transform others’ lives.

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