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Use a woollen beanie as your hot water bottle cover.

I’ve been clenching onto a hot water bottle for many chilly winter nights. I find them extremely comforting as sometimes going to the local bar on Saturday night is totally overrated.

Anyway, I tend to change the bottles position around- sometimes the bottle is great under my feet, other times it’s pure bliss to have it snuggled under my back.

I have tried numerous bottle covers but I have found they have become pilled or have been scratchy on bare skin.

A well-meaning friend had given me a woollen beanie one Xmas back a few years ago, which I had diplomatically placed in one of my drawers (sentimentally holding onto it even after watching Marie Kondo’s spring clean video).

One day, I threw my hot water bottle cover away in frustration as it was annoying the bejesus out of me.

My drawer was open and the beanie spoke.

The beanie was 100% wool with a chunky knit and the perfect fit for my bottle - a match made in heaven.

The biggest surprise was that my bottle was still nice and toasty in the morning.

The beanie has been the best hot water bottle cover I have ever had!


  1. As soon as the plastic around the rim starts to fray, chuck the bottle away

  2. Boil the jug and then let it sit for a minute before pouring into your bottle

  3. Leave a gap when filling so that you can squeeze out the air and seal tightly

  4. After use, empty the water into your plant pots

  5. Go on the hunt for a woollen chunky knit beanie.

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