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Be Inquisitive

Living the dream and following your passion can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what you are truly passionate about.

If this sounds familiar, be more inquisitive and start to explore new ideas and make yourself have new experiences.

When you are inquisitive you open yourself up to learning valuable lessons and enriching your life.

When we are inquisitive, we are prepared to leave the familiar and take risks, even if it makes it feel scared and uncomfortable.

Laurel and Hardy
Be inquisitive

Asking questions ensures that we aren’t just focusing on what we know, but on what other people’s points of view are.

Unfortunately, research shows that for the majority of us we tend to focus inward on our own achievements, making it harder to tap into the points of view of others.

But to get better information for our decisions going forward we have to practice being inquisitive and keep interacting to stretch our knowledge and expand our skills.

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Be curious

Find your purpose

This is the ‘why’ you feel, think and do what you do-your purpose.

When thinking about a career change to follow your passion, the decisions need to include all the whys.

Why do they matter?


-Health and fitness

-Happiness and Spirituality

-Lifestyle ambitions

Finding your purpose is truly a soul-searching process to discover what means the most and what truly motivates you.

Taking risks is all part of this journey.

This first step is to pick yourself up and just start to be inquisitive.

Future proofing

Future proofing is a buzz word that essentially means anticipating the future and building up your resilience.

When discovering your passion becomes your only focus, it can lead to decisions that won’t help the future you. You need to focus on the long-term outcomes, not the immediate ones.

The most mundane and hardest jobs could be the ones that are pivotal for your career progression.

For me, some of the least enjoyable jobs I had have been a crucial stepping stone to the next opportunity.

Future proofing yourself is a never-ending process of continuous improvements, using an inquisitive appetite for learning and long-term thinking.

It can be exhausting, but you just need to make decisions with your realistic hat on and take responsibility for your own success.

Write down your successes

Keep a “Success Diary” to record all your accomplishments. We all need to give our self-esteem a boost at times.

Write down your strengths, achievements, challenges you have overcome and accolades you have received.

This will act as a great prompt to you when your confidence needs a boost and more importantly serve as a reminder that you can do it!

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