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Updated: May 15, 2019

It can be very confusing for businesses when looking at all the social media platforms out in the market place today.

There is no doubt that being active on social media can help boost your businesses brand and sales.

Let’s look at the four major social media platforms that are helping millions of businesses with their SEO right now- Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a huge part of the world wide web being the 3rd most visited website globally, behind Google and YouTube.

This extraordinary activity has enabled Facebook to be a major SEO influencer.

All businesses need a Facebook page and it’s important to make sure that the title of your page matches up to your web URL. Consistency in the title and the website URL will make sure that your customers do not get confused or misled.

Publishing interesting and original content will entice your customers to follow your page. Additionally, the number of likes, shares and good comments translate into good brand building.

Remember, social media is all about engagement. So, engage with your customers. Ask relevant questions and reply to all comments.

Hand reaching up to the sky
Reach out to the world with Social Media platforms


LinkedIn is mainly a professional platform so it’s important for you to complete the page requirements with all your business details. This will show a high degree of professionalism.

LinkedIn gives you a great advantage, in that you can join groups of interest and participate. By tapping on to the industry specific advantages that LinkedIn has to offer, you are essentially building a great level of engagement and interaction.

Having high levels of engagement and interaction, boosts your networking, while increasing your online presence and visibility.

LinkedIn also has the features that promotes a healthy two-way bond. Recommendations and endorsements are two key features that encompass a huge part of LinkedIn, more specifically industry specific contact building.

Endorsements are basically votes of confidence and recommendations from satisfied people who have used your services. A well endorsed business is more likely to get more customers, just like in the real world.


Instagram is a popular visual app among the younger generation of today that boasts of 800 million monthly active users. It’s a creative and effective way to engage and interact with your customers. It is a well-known fact that pictures capture attention faster than words do, and Instagram does just that.

Instagram has become a huge breeding ground for businesses to attract more customers through regular photo content. You can even create a business account on Instagram and promote it to potential customers in your area.

You can ask customers to tag your business while uploading photos of products that you sell in return for a discount as well, to get the word out on the street about your business.

blue bird with a donald trump wig
Twitter is a powerful platform to increase the brand and viability of anyone!


Twitter is another powerful platform that can do wonders for your SEO almost immediately.

With Twitter, it’s all about the power of mentions. A mention is basically the act of using @ to tag someone, to mention someone in your post, to make them notice your post, or even reply or comment on your post.

All these encompass a broad category called “mentions” in Twitter. These mentions impact your page ranking and your visibility.

Ensure that your bio is filled with the right keywords. Your bio needs to be accurate, exciting, targeted, flattering, humanizing, and intriguing.

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