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Find your happiness story

being comfortable with yourself

liking what you see

getting onto a good thing

there for the long-term

feeling a touch of paradise

not trying too hard to be cool




cool cow rugs-

being comfortable with yourself

"Comfort. It's about grabbing my pillow, throwing it onto my zebra print rug and curling up under the skylight listening to the raindrops.

With every pitter patter, all my anxieties, worries and doubts just wash away, and my mind chills into a delicious nap. When I awake. The aroma from the kitchen of Thai cuisine wafts into my zebra retreat calling me to rise, be at ease with myself and feel grateful for the time-out on my rug".


cool cow rugs- liking what you see

"I like what I see as I step into my shop to open it up for the day. I love the way the sunlight hits my brown and cream cowhide, throwing off a warmth and energy to greet my clients as they walk through the door. My rug is like the welcoming party and sets the mood for my guests to browse in an ambient space. My rug adds that homely touch and inspires my customers to linger a little longer and check out my gorgeous shoe collection. They seem to like what they see".



cool cow rugs- getting onto a good thing

"You know you are onto a good thing when an advertising agency calls and asks to use my lounge room to film a TV commercial for a Chinese lifestyle clientele. The reindeer hides I have casually slung over the back of my chairs add a nice touch of luxury to the backdrop. As for my large swirly caramel cow rug, that sets the stage for the actors. I love it that the space I have created with my 3 cow rugs looks stylish enough for a movie set. It was an exciting day".


cool cow rugs- being there for the long term

"You know it's durable when the kids are over and the ice- creams dribbles and the pizza crumbs land onto my black and white cowhide. Just a quick vacuum and a light sponge and my rug is back to looking brand new. My cool cow rug is like a timeless piece of art. Just like my paintings, I can pass it on to my children. I'm glad I didn't go for another fabric type of rug as it wouldn't have lasted the distance. My cowhide is just perfect. I need durability with a family like mine".



cool cow rugs- feeling a touch of paradise

"It's pure luxury. I was looking for a piece that worked with my Scandinavian furniture, and was delighted when Bryce turned up with my cream and brown speckled cowhide. It complimented my furniture perfectly. After a day in the office, the first thing I do when I get home is to indulge myself with a glass a wine, fling off my shoes, and tiptoe with bare feet across my rug. I adore the smooth texture on my weary feet. I have a great life and love having my own little piece of paradise to come home too".



cool cow rugs-

not trying too hard to be cool

"I live in a trendy part of Melbourne but prefer to be laid back and have my house reflect more of a beachy feel.

When I went to Auckland to visit Bryce I was at first taken aback as I had my heart set on a classic black and white number. However, I was delighted that Bryce had taken the time to research my décor and tastes, plus my personality, and come up with my cream and tan beauty.

My rug is subtle- I have it placed under a sofa and table and it cheekily pops out and doesn't have to try too hard to make a statement. I get lots of comments about my rug, and I think it’s pretty cool".



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